Frequently Asked Questions

What are the licence terms?
Unless you purchase an extended license (which is not available for most products) all purchases are for personal use only.  Images may not be used for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of Mark Salmon who holds the copyright for all restyled art-work.  If in doubt, please ask by sending a message through our Contact page.

What does ‘restyled’ mean

Mark takes ordinary photographs (his own and other people’s copyright-free images) and restyles them using Photoshop to create unique digital works of art.

Why are some photo gifts not available?
The availability of photo gifts is dependant on the resolution of the image. For low resolution images, the image may become pixelated if reproduced in an inappropriate format. To avoid this problem, we only offer high quality products.

I cannot download my purchase, what should I do?
There is security on this site to ensure that download links are not shared. If you encounter a problem in downloading your legitimate purchase, please send us a message through the contact page with your purchase details and we will assist you as soon as we possible can.

Can you restyle one of my images?
Yes, I do offer a restyling service. First send me a message through the contact page with the following details:
– a link where I can download the picture from (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr or any other file sharing site)
– the style you want to be applied to the image (- I always indicate the style used on my images on this site – simply choose a style that appeals to you.)
– what you want to use the restyled image for so I can advise you as whether or not the resolution and style is appropriate. (If you want to create a photo gift, then I can arrange this for you privately i.e. it would not be available to the public.)

With this information, I can then give you a quotation and time-scale for completing the work.

I will create a watermarked copy of the restyled image for your approval prior to purchase. You are not obligated to purchase if you are not happy with the final result.

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